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7-8 May 2016

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The sites we will see

Introduction of who IgersMalmoe & Barcelonacitizen are, and what this instameet is all about.



Saturday May 7th

Departure from Plaça de Catalunya

Koordinater: 41.387012, 2.169832

Hospital de Sant Pau

Tibidabo Tramvia Blau

Casa Bellesguard

Casa Bellesguard




Mirador de Colon

Mirador de Colon

20.30 Dinner at Raval district or port

This itinerary is preliminary and may be subject to change.


Sunday May 8th

Sagrada Familia (For anyone who wants to join, please buy tickets before you go to Spain. It will save you a lot of time standing in line.)

Sagrada Familia

The instameet is arranged by the photography group Igersmalmoe in Malmö, Sweden and the photographer BarcelonaCitizen, Barcelona Spain.


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